We understand that career transition can be an overwhelming experience for you and your family, but it does not necessarily have to be.

This guide can help you formulate a clear financial plan and ensure your continued wellbeing even in a period of uncertainty.

Consult the agencies below for support and financial advise to suit your current needs.

Financial Support

Job Search Allowance (JSA)

  • Financial allowance for those who have lost their one and only job
  • Successful applications will be paid a monthly allowance for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months at the rates published here (link to the pdf table).
  • After receiving the first instalment of their allowance, applications are required to prove that they are actively seeking jobs to receive subsequent instalments.

Reduced Income Allowance (RIA)

  • A financial allowance for those who have multiple jobs and have lost at least one, but not all, of their jobs
  • Payment rates and the duration of payment are the same as that of JSA

Training Fee (TF)

  • Vocational training for successful applicants
  • Training fees will be paid directly to training service providers
  • Successful applicants may receive up to 6 months of training at a maximum cost of RM4000
    (Link to SIP Plus)

Training Allowance (TA)

  • Financial incentive paid to training recipients to encourage them to attend all their training sessions
  • Paid monthly (up to 6 months) at a rate of RM10 (minimum) – RM20 (maximum) per training day based on the applicant’s Monthly Assumed Wages
  • Training recipients must prove that they have attended all training sessions to receive TA

Early Re-Employment Allowance (ERA)

  • A financial incentive paid to JSA recipients who manage to return to work when they are still receiving their allowance
  • It is worth 25% of the money that the recipient is entitled to but has not yet received

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Advisory Support

Career Transition Programme by PersolKelly Consulting

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Career Counselling by SOCSO

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Global Online Workforce (GLOW), MDEC

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Financial Advice and Counselling by AKPK

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