Corporate Social Responsibility


Sapura Energy believes that beyond the obligation to generate profits for shareholders, we have a responsibility to all our stakeholders to ensure responsible and sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives aim to change and positively influence stakeholders in the Workplace, Community, and Marketplace while safeguarding the Environment.


We believe that our employees are the multipliers of our assets and our biggest source of success, resilience, growth, and inspiration.

Healthy, Safe & Harmonious Workplace

It is our ongoing goal to provide equal opportunities for all employees, and to administer workplace governance in a fair and commendable manner. We do not tolerate sexual harrassment nor discrimination pertaining to race, colour, gender, age, language, religion, political opinion, and national or social origin in the workplace.

Nurturing Empowered Employees

We put people at the heart of everything we do, thus we constantly identify and groom high potential talents in order to develop future leaders. As a testament to this, Sapura Energy was ranked among the Top Five Most Ideal Employers in Malaysia by the Universum Student Survey 2015. The survey canvassed almost 17,000 undergraduates throughout Malaysia, and this high ranking reflects the students' top-of-mind awareness of Sapura Energy and its strength in talent attraction.

Promoting A Work-Life Balance

We also recognise the importance of a healthy work-life balance amongst our people on top of encouraging them to give back to their communities. We organise regular social, sports and community activities, such as weekly badminton sessions, inter-divisional futsal and bowling tournaments, annual blood donation drives, and drive our own volunteerism efforts.


We are deeply committed to developing sustainable futures for the communities that we operate in. We express this by undertaking community outreach initiatives focusing on the areas of community empowerment as well as focusing on youth and education, on top of driving employee volunteerism.

Reaching out to the Communities

In our efforts to improve the welfare of the communities, we support and collaborate with governmental organisations, state authorities and non-profit organisations, such as Anjung Singgah, the Perak Fisheries Department, and MyKasih Foundation.

Since 2012, we have collaborated with MyKasih Foundation to provide financial aid in the form of fortnightly spending allowances for families in need. The financial assistance enables the families to purchase groceries while eligible students are able to purchase essential school supplies and food at their school canteens.

Our employees are passionate about bringing positive change to communities and do so under the umbrella of the Sapura Energy Volunteer Programme. Launched in late 2012, the programme has seen our employees provide humanitarian relief to the needs of communities. Programmes such as distributing meals to the homeless, supporting programmes by Anjung Singgah, flood relief activities, beach-cleaning gotong-royong, and reaching out to needy orphanages are done on a regular basis in our collective efforts to improve the wellbeing of our communities and environment.


As a key player in the oil and gas industry, we recognise our essential role to uphold good and fair marketplace practices and to ensure the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all our dealings with all our stakeholders.

Supporting Homegrown Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

In line with our aim to develop local vendors across the value chain, we support the PETRONAS Vendor Development Programme by giving the small and medium enterprises a head start in the oil and gas business, while strenghtening their business capacity to help them move further up the value chain. This initiative also supports the Malaysian Government's blueprint to transform Malaysia into a regional hub for oil field services under the Economic Transformation Programme.

Strengthening Our Ties Through Stakeholders' Engagement

We place great value on our relationship with our stakeholders. Regular briefings with analysts, investors, and the media are conducted to ensure shareholders are well informed of the company's strategies and directions, and in return maintain their high levels of trust in us.

Maintaining the Highest Standards of Transparency and Accountability

In line with our corporate values, we constantly uphold good and fair marketplace practices while ensuring that the highest standards of transparency and accountability are carried out. Our well-defined governance structure and sound system of internal controls which are complemented by a strong risk management framework ensures that we fulfill our obligations to all our stakeholders in a responsible manner.


We are deepy committed to preserving the environment and operating in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner. Our green initiatives encompass energy conservation activities, water sampling for wastewater and effluent discharge, as well as oil spill containment. We dispose our scheduled waste in accordance with legislative requirements with licensed contractors undertaking collection and disposal activities. Our conservation efforts have led to a reduction in the amount of energy, water, and paper consumption. Thus far, our green activities have evolved our operations into more eco-friendly ones, and we will continue to develop and implement initiatives that mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment.