Drilling Capabilities

As the leader in tender assist development and production drilling our tenders can be used for operations in waters as shallow as 30 ft. to as deep as 6,000 ft. in many areas globally. Client satisfaction with the tender rig concept is a result of its sustainability, versatility and being a safe operation for operators. This has allowed us to not only perform development drilling activities but also production drilling, well completion, workovers as well as plug and abandonment for operators.

Types of Tender Rigs

There are two different types of Tender Assist Drilling rigs (TADs), a tender rig and a semi-tender, both units carry the same equipment but the semi-tender is capable of operating in deeper waters and in much harsher environments. Typically, the TAD is stationed next to the platform and its drilling package is lifted onto the platform. While the drilling package is in operation, the TAD is stationary and it provides power and other services that supports the Operations.

One of the main benefits of a TAD drilling rig is its ability to self-raise, remove its own drilling package and then rig-up on the same package on another platform which results in efficiency and sustainability when it comes to drilling development wells.