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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Our Core Values

At Sapura Energy, we are committed to preventing injuries, occupational illnesses, property damage & environmental pollution in all locations where we operate. In Quality, we are committed to the highest quality standards in our approach, asset integrity and service delivery. We care about the Health of our people by providing a socially, psychologically and physically-suitable working environment. We believe in Safety Always culture, with a strong intent to record a Perfect Day everyday where our people are able to go home safely without harm. In Environment, we ensure all our operations follow proper waste management procedures and directives. We aim to achieve Zero Spills, and is making steady progress of incorporating Green House Gas reduction in our operations. All our actions are guided by our Core Values where we believe Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Respect & Professionalism (S.H.A.R.P) builds Trust.

9 Life-Saving Rules

The recent adoption of to Nine (9) Life Saving Rules, as developed by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), is another step to support our zero-injury goal. It will simplify yet make more robust and user-friendly our standards and procedures, backed up by the courage our employees have to exercise their STOP WORK Authority as empowered to all SEB employees by our PGCEO whenever the situation is deemed not safe. We will continue to further embed a strong safety culture, focusing on strengthening the capabilities of our employees as well as using new technology to make our systems simpler, smarter and more fit for purpose.   In FY2021, we upheld our commitment to the Industry-shared objective of improving the overall safety performance, achieved through cooperation and experience transfer with industry peers and government stakeholders. This collaboration enables not only an open sharing of lessons learnt to prevent harm elsewhere, but also the sharing and adoption of HSE best-practices and initiatives across our industry, which drives a collective continuous improvement across our business and operating environment.