Sapura Energy’s Drilling Business is the pioneer of tender-assist drilling operations with close to five decades of delivery excellence that offers sustainable technical solutions, safest operations, efficient and cost-effective services.

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With more than four decades of experience in tender assist drilling operations, our drilling segment is the world’s leading tender rig owner and operator. We have the world’s largest fleet of tender assist drilling rigs.

Headquartered in Malaysia with operations in Asia, Africa and the Americas, the division comprises over 2,000 highly skilled and competent employees represented by over 50 nationalities. We are proud of our strong heritage which serves as the foundation for our continued innovation and drive to bring the best drilling solutions to our clients.

Our journey in tender assist drilling began in Asia in the 1970s with Robray Tender Rigs. Since then, we have expanded our presence to Africa and the Americas, and are consistently looking to venture into new international markets.

As the pioneer in the tender drilling industry, our mission is to provide our partners with the safest operations, paired with sustainable technical solutions for the most efficient and cost-effective delivery for our clients’ development drilling programme.

We continuously upgrade our assets in tandem with the latest technology to position ourselves at the cutting edge and thereby provide the best economic benefit to our clients. We are able to offer flexibility to operate in both shallow and deepwater as well as benign and harsh environments globally.

Client satisfaction with the tender rig concept is a result of its sustainability, versatility and safety.

Our Capabilities
World’s leading tender rig owner and operator, with over 50% market share in both Tender Barge Rigs and Semi-Tender Rigs

Owns and operates nine tender barges and seven semi-tender rigs, with another under construction

Utilising the most modern, cutting edge and technologically advanced fleet – offering significant asset operating life over a 30-year operational cycle
Our Services
Our tenders can be used for global operations in waters as shallow as 30ft. to as deep as 6,000ft.

Full work scope comprising development drilling, production drilling, well completion, workovers as well as plug and abandonment for operators

Benefits and Advantages of Tender Assist Drilling Rigs

There are two types of Tender Assist Drilling (TAD) rigs – tender rigs and semi-tender rigs. Both carry the same equipment but the latter can operate in far deeper depths and harsher environment.

Typically, the TAD is stationed next to the platform and its drilling package is lifted onto the platform. While the drilling package is in operation, the TAD is stationary whilst providing power and other services that support operations.
Other benefits and advantages include:

  • Ability to self-raise, remove its own drilling package and then rig-up on the same package on another platform, resulting in increased efficiency and sustainability when drilling development wells
  • Reduced Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expenditure (OPEX) for our partners over the full duration of the fields due to:
    • Multiple wells drilled from one area, reducing time between wells and improving personnel and logistics’ planning synergies
    • Much shorter well duration resulting in improved performances in batch-drilling, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOP) and dry tree operations
    • Improved maintenance plans
    • Higher utilisation rate of the drilling equipment due to its mobility


Track Record

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Good Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) practices are critical to achieve operational excellence for continued business success and sustainability

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