A commitment

Our health, safety and environmental performance is paramount to our ability to operate safely, regardless of the geographic location. One of our fundamental aims is to ensure that everyone we send offshore returns in a similar or better condition.

Any potential Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) risks are managed through a system of rigorous controls, responsible governance and strict compliance. In the event that a safety incident occurs, management and operational resources are immediately deployed to undertake a timely, transparent, and comprehensive investigation of the situation.

We also stay abreast of HSE developments across the industry to maintain a current and more expansive perspective in driving continuous improvement within our organisation. Ultimately, every individual in the Company is responsible for upholding our HSE policies and ensuring a safe workplace. As safety takes precedence over business imperatives, each and every individual, employee and contractor, is empowered and required to intervene when unsafe behaviours or conditions are observed by invoking our Stop Work Policy.

Our achievements

Sapura Energy’s Drilling segment also continues to maintain its good track record on the HSE front. As at end FY2015, the SKD Alliance has achieved a 13-year lost time injury (“LTI”) free record while the SKD Pelaut had chalked up a 10-year LTI-free record. Meanwhile the SKD Setia and SKD T-10 were both recognised for achieving six and seven years respectively without a LTI, while the SKD T-12 achieved five years without a LTI.