Case Study: Large Structures

Fabrication of the 8-Legged Jacket

At 14,000 tons and 150m in height, the 8-Legged Jacket is the largest single structure we have fabricated to date. 1.8 million man-hours were invested into the project and it took a full 18 months from commencement to completion. Transportation required the use of one of our largest cargo barges, the Intermac 650.

A Challenging & High-Risk Project

In a project of this magnitude and complexity, careful planning at every stage is essential. The structure must be built in a very specific sequence. The 8-Legged Jacket is more than twice the height of the average jacket, which required development of strict working procedures for lifts exceeding 2 cranes and 20 tons of weight. At this elevation, the wind factor is also unusually high.

Best-In-Class People Management & Safety Measures

At its peak, we have had to rapidly mobilize a workforce of over 1000 personnel made possible via our long term alliance with our in-house subcontractors.

A strict HSE management system was needed to maintain our impeccable safety record considering the large size of the structure being fabricated. Keeping the team focused on a project running for such a long duration was central to its success.

Above all else, this project shows that our fabrication yard is capable of building any type or size of substructure.

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Location: Lumut Fabrication Yard

Client: KPOC

Duration: 18 months

Project Scope: Fabrication, Transportation

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