Case Study: Multiple Structures

Ambitious 30 Structure Fabrication Project

The Bechtel project launched in December 2011 with a goal of building 30 structures in 3 years. In order to achieve this ambitious target, 10-12 structures have had to be built simultaneously – which spreads the focus and increases the elements of risk. The project involves a piping fabrication works supported by an automation system, as well as establishment of all associated production and storage facilities. There is also an available jetty within the site for load outs and incoming shipments.

The quantity of piping required is huge and has never been undertaken previously. This has required careful planning and use of our limited yard construction space.

High Labour Intensity

Such a large scale undertaking has required a total workforce of 8,000, which includes formation of an experienced, dedicated and proactive Project Management Team of 500 to manage the work.

Due to this, a major challenge was met in assembling a large team of capable and experienced subcontractors in a very short time. We have had to mobilize many foreign workers and manage the language and cultural barriers.

Real-Time Problem Solving

The construction methodology differs from the oil & gas norm, and the amount of modification and rectification during the construction period has overlapped with constant design changes. As it was our first experience with Bechtel, there was also a need for improvisation to existing SKHL procedures and management aspects.

Co-location and integration of client and SKHL teams have enabled more efficient project management.

High Quality Product with an Excellent Safety Record

As of 1st July 2015, a total of 11 from 30 modules have successfully been delivered to Onslow, Australia. We have also managed to maintain adherence to the strict Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS). The project has achieved an excellent record of 27 million man hours without a single LTI as of 31st July 2015.

Location: Wheatstone LNG ISBL Module Fabrication

Client: Bechtel International, Inc.

Duration: 2/12/2011 to 28/2/2016

Project Scope: Fabrication, Transportation

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