Track Record

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Unit Client / Location Work Scope Duration

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Deen Dayal West Field Development    

Construction for N14 jackect & N17, piles and conductor – ONGC (Mumbai high field) 2545 mt          

Tonnage 2,545 ton & 2,770mt

May 2010 – Jan 2011


Larsen & Toubro Limited/GSPC

Deen Dayal West Field Development    

Fabrication, loadout and seafastening of 6 legged jacket.  Tonnage 4,530

Apr 2010 – Jan 2011


Newfield Peninsular Malaysia Inc.

PM329 East Piatu Development Project

Provision of fabrication, procurement, commissioning, loadout and seafastening of topside, CPP, living quarter and bridge of East Piatu development.  Tonnage 4,161 mt

Jul 2010 – Aug 2011


Murphy Sarawak 

PC of WP-PA Topside

Fabrication and erection of coller deck structure, piping work, equipment function test, load-out and sea-fastening.  Tonnage 590 mt

Jun 2002 – Oct 2002


Newfield Malaysia

PC of West Belumut WHP – Jacket & Topside

Provision of procurement, construction of jacket and topside.  Tonnage 1.153 mt   

May 2009 – Feb 2010


Petrofac Malaysia 

EPC Berantai Field Development Project – Topside & Jacket

EPCC of wellhead platform (WHP-I) and the Angsi field tie-in at the Andre-A platform for Berantai field development project, block PM309.  Tonnage 1,400 mt & 1,600 mt

Dec 2010 – Sep 2011


Petrofac Malaysia 

SEPA-EPC of Process Skids & Refurbishment of MOPU   

EPCIC subcontract for mobile offshore production unit (MOPU) and wellhead support structure (WHSS) for Sepat early production system (EPS) for PCSB.  Tonnage 1,200 mt    

Mar 2011 – Sep 2011


Murphy Malaysia

FEPCIC – Wellhead Platform for Patricia

Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) of Patricia satellite.  Tonnage 1,285 mt

Aug 2011 – Mar 2011


Afcons – Gunanusa Joint Venture / ONGC (India)

ICP-R and ICP-F3 Jackets   

Construction & onshore precomm of ICP-R, ICP-F3 jackets and piles.  Tonnage 6,004 mt

Aug 2009 – Dec 2010


Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company Sdn Bhd (KPOC)

KBB Substructure for Kebabangan Northern Hub Development   

Engineering, procurement, fabrication, inspection, testing and pre-commissioning, loadout & seafastening of KBB substructure, 8-legged jacket.  Tonnage 13,393 mt

Apr 2011 – Sep 2012


Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Tangga Barat Cluster Development

Procurement and construction of Tangga Barat cluster development project (TBDR-A).  Tonnage 5,013 mt

Mar 2008 – May 2009


Exxon Mobile Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc.

PC-Fabrication of Tapis R Jacket   

Procurement, fabrication, testing, loadout & tie-down of Tapis R jacket, piles & appurtenance. 

Tonnage 5,475 mt

Mar 2012 – Jul 2013


Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd 

AMPA-9 Compression Module   

Engineering, procurement & construction of AMPA-9 compression module. 

Tonnage 1,400mt

Dec 2011 – Jan 2013


PT Sempec Indonesia

ONGC – Heera Redevelopment Project

Fabrication of 4 nos.  Wellhead platform of deck, jacket, pile & conductors Heera development project. 

Tonnage 13,056 mt

May 2007 – Nov 2008


Murphy Sarawak Oil Co Ltd

EPC of Patricia Satellite for SK309/311 Sarawak Development Project

Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of Patricia satellite (PT-SA) substructure and Serendah wellhead platform (WHP) template for SK309/311 Sarawak development project field developemnt. 

Tonnage 4,500mt     

2012 – 2013


Kencana Mermaid Drilling Sdn Bhd

Self Erected Tender Rig & Derrick Equipment Set (KM-I)

Design, construction & completion of self erected tender rig and derrick equipment set. 

Tonnage 8750 mt

2009 – 2010


Bechtel – Wheatstone LNG Plant – ISBL Modules

Wheatstone Project LNG Plant – Module Fabrication ISBL

PC – Wheatstone LNG plant – ISBL modules. 

Tonnage 65,909 ton

2011 – present


Cameron Limited / BHP Biliton (Australia)

BHP Pyrenees    

Engineering, procurement and construction of subsea manifolds and foundation mud mats. 

Tonnage 810 mt   

2007 – 2009


Aker Kvaerner (M) Sdn Bhd / Reliance Inductries Limited Ltd (India)

Reliance KG-D6

9 units : 3 manifolds, 6 suction anchors for manifolds, I DWPLEM with suction anchor, I UDH with suction anchor, 3 SDA with suction anchors. 

Tonnage 2,337 mt    

2006 – 2007


FMC Wellhead Equipment Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)  

Gumusut Kakap    

5 subsea Wellhead Equipment Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).  Tonnage 600 mt

2008 – 2009


Bumi Armada

M20, Bumi Armada

Engineering, procurement & construction

2008 – 2009


Prosafe Production Services Pte Ltd

Prosafe Azurite Development Module Construction   

Detail engineering for electrical module and work drawings for all other module, procurement, fabrication, assemble, erection T&C     

2007 – 2008

Offshore Construction & Installation

Unit Client / Location Work Scope Duration

Newfield Peninsular Malaysia 

Puteri Pipeline Installation, Offshore Terengganu Malaysia

Engineering, transportation, supply of miscellaneous materials, certain pre-fabrication scope, installation and pre-commissioning of a pipe-in-pipe bundle (12″ and 8″) with a 4″ piggyback   

May 2011 – Jun 2011


ONGC (JV with L&T Limited)

MHN Redevelopment and MHN Process Platform and Living Quarters, Offshore Mumbai, India   

Transport and installation of platforms

Dec 2010 – May 2011


Integrated Transportation and Installation of Offshore Facilities (PAN Malaysia), Offshore Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak Malaysia

Transport & installation of platforms & pipelines

Mar 2010 – Dec 2013


Carigali-PTTEP Operating Company 

Transportation & Installation of Platforms, Bridges and EPCIC of Inter-Field Pipelines for JDA Block B-17 Field Development, Malaysia – Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA)   

Transport & installation of platforms and pipelines (up to 24″ pipeline and total 48 km)

Nov 2007 – Feb 2009


PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB) 

Transportation and Installation of Offshore Facilities, Offshore Terengganu / Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia     

Transport & installation of platforms & pipelines

May 2004 – Nov 2006  

May 2008 – Nov 2008 

May 2009 – Nov 2009


ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Malaysia Inc.

EMEPMI Year 2007 Installation Programme, Offshore Terengganu     

Transport and installation of platforms (Jerneh B & Jerneh A) and intrafield pipelines

Mar 2007 – Feb 2008


ConocoPhillips (91-12) Pty Ltd

Bayu Undan Floatover, Bayu Undan Field, Timor Sea    

Floatover CUQ topside 11,500 t, DPP topside 15,000 t

Feb 2004


Woodside Energy Ltd 

Angel Platform Topside Floatover, Angel Gas Field, Western Australia

Engineering, construction and installation project involving transportation and installation of the Angel topside module weighing 7,700 tonnes   

Nov 2005 – Jun 2008


Upstream Petroleum

Basker Manta Subsea Installation, Bass Strait, Victoria Australia

Installation and diverless tie-in of various subsea flowlines and control umbilicals

Apr 2006 – Nov 2006


Conoco Phillips

Belanak Buoy Recovery, Natuna Sea, Indonesia    

Isolate, flush and vent riser of hydrocarbons.  Disconnect risers, umbilical and mooring chains off buoy.  Recover sunk mooring buoy

Dec 2010 – Mar 2011


Unocal Corporation

West Seno Field Development, ‘Attaka’ Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia     

Installation north TLP complete with all facilities 8 x 26″ tension legs & 8 x TLP tendon piles.  Flowlines from TLP to FPU. 2 x 12″ oil flexibles and 1 x 4″ gas flexibles    

Aug 2001 – Nov 2003


OMV New Zealand Limited 

MAARI Wellhead Platform, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

EPIC contract for the Maari drill ACE platform (base, support structure and process deck) weighing approx. 10,000 tonnes   

Dec 2005 – Dec 2009

Hook Up & Commissioning Greenfield


Unit Client / Location Work Scope Duration

Trans-Thai Malaysia

EPCIC of JDA Gas Balancing Evacuation Project (EVA project)

EPCIC work of  up to 90,000 man hours

Jul 2013- Apr 2015


Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company Sdn Bhd

Provision of hook up and commissioning services for Kebabangan N.orthern Hub development project. 710,000 man hours

Jun 2012- Dec 2014


Murphy Sarawak Oil

Sarawak SK309/311 SPSA Development Project 

EPC work of Serendah (SN-PA) and Serendah accommodation (SN-AA) substructure for Murphy Sarawak’s SK309/311 at 1 million man hours

Jun 2012- Oct 2014


Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Kumand Cluster Development Project

Hook up and commissioning work for Kanowit CPP KAKG-A platform at 33.9 million man hours

2010- 2011


Petrofac Pte Ltd Berantai Field Development

EPCC of wellhead platform (WHP-1) and the Angsi Field tie in at the ANDR-A platform for Berantai Field Development Project



Petrofac Pte Ltd

EPCIC of Sepat Early Production System (GPS) project for Petrofac

2011- 2012


Carigali Hess Operating Company Cakerawala Gas Field Facilities

Supply and installation of permanent living quarters and office cabins for Cakerawala Gas Field Facilities

Feb 2013- Aug 2013


Malaysian Marine Heavy Engineering SB/ PCSB Kinabalu NAG Processing Platform

Offshore hook up and commissioning work for Kinabalu NAG Processing Platform B (KNPG-B) at 1.5 million man hours

Aug 2012- Mar 2013


IEV Group Sdn Bhd / Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Supply, delivery, installation & comissioning of refurbished wellhead platform, pipeline & host tie-in for D21 project

Feb 2012- Jul 2013


Murphy Sarawak Oil Sarawak Development Project 

EPCIC of Patricia Satelite, PT-SA & West Patricia, WP-PA topside facilities for SK309/311

Feb 2013- Aug 2013


Hess Exploration & Production Malaysia

North Malay Basin Field

EPCC of KAMELIA-A wellhead platform (WHP) for Early Production Scheme (EPS), Integrated Gas Development (IGD), North Malay Basin Field

Dec 2011- Mar 2013

Brownfield Rejuvenation

Unit Client / Location Work Scope Duration

Petronas Carigali (PCSB) Samarang Redevelopment Project

Provision of hook up commissioning for platform upgrading, revisit and IO modification for Semarang Redevelopment Project (Phase 2) including LQ upgrade at 1.5 million man hours

Aug 2012- Dec 2014


Petrofac Energy Development

Provision of hook up and commissioning for restoration of Bekok-C at 1.9 million man hours

Jun 2012- Jun 2013


Carigali TTEP Operating Company

CPOC MLQD offshore rectification works



Petrofac/ MISC Berhad

EPCIC of riser balcony for provisions of tie ins modification works at Floating Storage & Offloading (FS)) facility for PM 304 Cendor Field phase 3 development West Desaru early production system

May 2012- Nov 2012


Newfield Malaysia Puteri Oil Production Project

PM318 restoration of Puteri Oil Production Project

2011- 2012


ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Msia Inc

EMEPMI DU3744 construction service contract at 1.82 million man hours

2009- 2012


MISC Berhad Kikeh Field

Provision of offshore preparation, hook up & commissioning for the additional containerized accommodation modules for 40 men for FPSO Kikeh facility for the Kikeh Field

Feb 2013- Jun 2013


MDFT (SBM Malaysia & MISC Berhad)

RFQ provision of offshore construction services for FPSO for Siakap North at 816,624 man hours

Jun 2012- Sep 2013


Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

Restoration of gas turbine compressor and LP gas recovery compressor for Sumandak phase 2

Apr 2013- Dec 2014